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Certified Financial Planner (CFP)

CFPCM certification programme makes you competent to provide strategic advice in regard to investment, insurance, tax, retirement & estate needs and enables you to plan and fulfill such needs.

Admissions Open

Running regular batches. Contact us to get further details.

About Course

Certified Financial Planner( CFPCM) is an international certification programme in the lucrative field of financial planning, wealth management and financial advisory services.

Financial services firms around the world report that CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER professionals are more productive, generate higher revenue and profit, and reduce corporate risk and client complaints. CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER professionals are members of an international community of elite financial planning practitioners who are committed to upholding the profession’s most rigorous global standards and putting clients’ interests first. (Source*: Global research report by FPSB)


Features & Benefits


- 120+ hours of training through virtual class
- Taught by Industry experts
- Exhaustive Study Material
- Case Studies with Mock Test
- Financial Plan construction training by an industry practitioner

Is it good for me?

- This course is supported, recognized and promoted by 48 Charter Members, who are amongst some of the best companies in BFSI Sector.
- CFPCM certification is recognised in 25 countries. 
- You join the league of the best professionals worldwide and become a part of a community that has high potential for growth

Mode of Delivery

Virtual Classroom training

Duration and Schedule

Duration: 6 months
Duration of class: 4 hours
Days: Saturdays & Sundays

Course Fees

INR 34,500 inclusive of taxes

Course Contents

* Financial Planning Process

* Client Interactions

* Time Value of Money Applications

* Personal Financial Statements

* Cash Flow and Debt Management

* Asset Acquisition

* Education Planning

* Overview of Risk Management

* Investment Planning

* Retirement Planning

* Special Circumstances

* Plan Integration

* Ethics and Business Aspects of Financial Planning

* Risk Management and Insurance Decisions in Personal Financial Planning

* Identifying Client's Exposure to Morality, Health, Disability, Property, Liability and Long-term Care Risk is emphasised

* Selecting the Appropriate Risk Management Technique

* Insurance Pricing

* Various Insurance Policies and Strategies

* Retirement Need Analysis Techniques

* Development of Retirement Plans

* Various Retirement Schemes such as EPF, PPF, Superannuation, Gratuity and Other Pensions Plans, Post Retirement Counselling

* Tax Planning 
 - Income Tax Calculation
- Capital Gain & Indexation
- House Property
- Deduction & Allowances
- Non Resident Indian Tax Laws
- Tax Management Techniques

* Estate Planning
- Wills ,Trust, Indian Succession Act
- Power of Attorney
- Joint Ownership of Property

* Establishing Client Planner Relationship

* Analyse Client Objectives, Needs &  Financial Situation

* Developing the Financial Plan

* Implementing the Financial Plan

* Monitoring the Financial Plan


Career Options

* Financial Analyst

* Investment Advisor 

* Private Wealth Banker

* Wealth Manager

* Certified Financial Planning Manager


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